Our Ovens


Neapolitan pizza is art. So are the ovens that bake it. The wood-fired oven is a key element in the baking of Neapolitan Pizza. The moisture and aroma of the wood allows the crust to maintain its internal softness, as well as ensuring large bubbles inside the dough, and the typical aroma of cooked bread. All of these are hallmarks of true Neapolitan Pizza. Our two ovens were handbuilt by a third-generation family company in Naples. Each oven complied to the most detailed constructive rules and lengthy process. Our ovens are unique because they’re made exclusively by hand, from raw materials like sand and stone harvested in Naples. They even weigh differently – our right oven weighs 8020 pounds, and our left oven weighs 7200 pounds. They both burn at the dome at about 1000º Fahrenheit, the temperature needed to bake Neapolitan Pizza to perfection in just 90 seconds.