Advisory Team

Sam Marshall – Architect, Designer

Sam Franklin Marshall is the owner/director of Marshall Projects, a Malibu based, full-service, boutique architectural and interior design firm specializing in hospitality. After receiving his degree from the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCIArc Los Angeles), Sam began his career at Perkins Eastman, the largest architectural firm in NYC, where he led design teams on several high-profile projects in China, UAE and New York City. Those projects included The Harlem Health Center, a ground- up, 12-story building in NYC and the winning entry in an elite competition for a million square foot library, erected in Chong Qing, China in 2004.

Mario Vollera - Chef

Born in beautiful Rome, Mario Vollera, naturally developed a passion for pizza and wine from an early age. He started his pizzaiolo carrier in Italy, Roma and extended his experience all around Europe as pizza chef and manager of various successful venues such as Carlo’s (England) and Pappa Grappa Pizzeria (Sweden). In 2008, he moved to Los Angeles and became manager of the famous Antica Pizzeria (one of the best 20 Italian pizzerias in the USA – Wine Spectator, GQ magazine, LA7), and joined the Headquarters of VPN (Verace Pizza Napoletana) in America to protect and promote the art and tradition of Neapolitan pizza.

Co-owner of the pop-up restaurant “Barbershop Ristorante Italiano” in 2012, together with Chef Walter, the reviews were raving about their tour around town. Since 2013, Mario is the co-owner of the popular pizza spot on Abbot Kinney, South End.

Peppe Miele - Consulting Director of Culinary Research & Product Development

Peppe Miele is an acclaimed Los Angeles-based restaurateur and chef. Born in Naples, Italy he grew up in a city renowned for its culinary traditions. The art of cooking that is synonymous with the Neapolitan heritage has been an integral part of Mr. Miele’s success in the food industry. As a restauranteur, chef, and advocate for the classic Neapolitan pizza, Peppe is a standard-bearer of uncompromising culinary integrity. The food of Naples has been the overarching theme in his critically acclaimed restaurants, commercial cooking classes/trainings workshops and media appearances.

Mr. Miele organizes and teaches cooking classes as well as trainings workshops for future restaurant owners, gourmet chefs and restaurant companies who seek to serve the classic Neapolitan pizza.

Andreas Pichler - Brand Designer

Andreas Pichler Is a fifth generation artist and designer from the medieval town of Doellach in Austria. He specializes in woodcarving, sculpture and numerous fields of design, including graphic, sound and industrial.

Throughout his successful entrepreneurial career, Andreas has created custom guitars and design concepts for companies such as Fender, Infeld, and Red Bull in addition to amplifiers for Bogner, Boutique Amps Distribution and more. Via one of his true passions, sculpting, he has given birth to a modernized revival of the ancient Austrian woodcarving tradition known as Krampus, where Andreas has defined the next generation of the carvings and trappings through his signature “White Mask Series.”

This same passion for woodworking extends into furnishings where, after years of research, experimentation and innovation, Andreas formulated a new method for texturizing and finishing surfaces, which he launched through his functional art series “77Selection.”

Parallel to his other professional activities, Andreas has performed as Art and Creative Director for major corporations, international sporting events and several motion picture studios in Los Angeles and New York. As an award-winning designer, artist and competitive alpine skier, he embraced Foil’s legendary foundation and then, with valuable input from a team of master craftsmen, designers, and athletes, shaped Foil into what it is today.

Marion Eisenmann – Illustrator

Marion Eisenmann developed a series of exclusive illustrations for Midici.

Marion Eisenmann was born and raised in Germany. The artist lives and works in California and travels to where her projects take her. She is currently involved with a theme park construction in the Middle East where she interprets concepts into cohesive design and enjoys the variety of cultures she interacts with.

“Drawing and sketching have always aided me in studying and analyzing people. Observation allows me to capture the essence of their nature, revealing positive and negative aspects.”

KC Woolf Haxton – Artist

KC Woolf Haxton has been a working artist and designer since 2004. He currently is showing at Monorchid Gallery in Phoenix, Arizona, as well as at Gabba Gallery in Los Angeles, California.