Our Mission

We bring friends together

We love people.
They move us, shape us, excite us and inspire us.
We believe people are the best thing that can happen to anyone.
That’s why we created MidiCi.

We wanted a place for people to meet up, sit back and be social without the media.
Because we believe it is moments we remember, not days, not posts, not pictures.
While we love today’s digital world for the connections it allows us to have with people we wish to know, we found ourselves missing the friends we do know.
It feels like we traded the tangible for the digital.
The human touch for the touch screens.
The laughs for the LOLs.
The love for the likes.
The eye contact for the emoticons.
When shared with a friend, a minute becomes a moment, and that moment becomes a happy memory.

Like the Italians, we believe a meal is about taste, flavors and colors, but it is also, and if not more, about the people, the conversations, the laughter. The best meals always have your friends circled around the table.
Everything we do is designed to support our mission. From our food, to our natural tree, the heart surrounding our special wood-fired ovens, the tables, our design, and even the Vittoria prosciutto slicer, and the Athena espresso machine. Together, it’s an experience that creates real human connections.

At MidiCi, eye contact with a stranger can turn into a friendship for life, bumping elbows may lead to a philosophical conversation, and our pizza gives you a taste of la Dolce Vita!