What is Neapolitan Pizza?


Neapolitan Pizza is the Original. The way Italians invented it 300 years ago.
Neapolitan Pizza tells the story of Naples.
During her summer vacation in Naples with the King, Queen Margherita was presented a pizza by a local pizzaiolo with tomato, fresh mozzarella, olive oil, and a touch of basil to represent the 3 colors of the new born Italian flag. She liked it so much that it was named in her honor. The classic Margherita was born.
“La Marinara”, Italian for “the fisherman’s wife”. Wives who used to prepare pizza for their husbands as they returned from fishing in the bay of Naples. Tomato, garlic, oregano and olive oil were the ingredients of choice to make the pizza stay fresh. The classic Marinara was born.
Over the centuries, Neapolitan Pizza has become an institution. Since 1998, its ingredients and method of preparation are protected by the Italian legislation.
Our dough is only 4 fine ingredients:
Non-GMO Double zero Neapolitan flour, water, sea salt and yeast.
The sauce is super natural. Only one pure ingredient:
non-gmo crushed Italian peeled tomatoes.
No oils, no sugars.
Our cheeses are fine Italian cheeses made from high quality milks, and the mozzarella is also known as “white gold”, for its premium quality and taste. The crust releases the flavor of well-baked bread. The sauce delivers the characteristic aroma of a fresh and fragrant mediterranean plate. 90 seconds in our wood-fired ovens at close to 1000 degrees bake it to perfection. Neapolitan Pizza is magic. Neapolitan Pizza exalts the flavors, and celebrates the senses. Each bite distributes an array of flavors, an arrangement of textures. Neapolitan Pizza is fine pizza. Pizza with a capital N. Pure ingredients. Rare freshness. Classical simplicity. Historical heritage. Neapolitan Pizza is the meal of choice for health-conscious foodies and epicureans alike.
Neapolitan Pizza is the better pizza.